Bulk url checking made easy

Check up to 2500 urls, analyze and export your results. Hassle free.

Select a TXT, CSV or XML sitemap (recommended) file to upload. All urls in the file (until the maximum of 2500) will be checked.
More than 250 urls will take a couple of minutes, please be patient.


What is this?

This is a bulk url checking tool that checks all entered URLs for the most common response statuses (e.g. 404, 200, 301, 500, etc.). Especially useful when improving SEO, have much redirections or doing a migration of your website.

How does it work?

When you enter your URLs our system first checks if all entered URL´s are valid. Then it makes a HEAD-request (identical to a GET-request except that the server only returns message-headers) and checks the status.

Is this tool free?

Yes, this tool is 100% free and we´ll keep it like that. However, while it may be kinda evil we do show some advertisements to cover for our hosting costs. And oh, we will never store or sell your data.