We are having issues with our hosting provider. Because of these issues, Urlcheckr is not working at the moment. We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

The easiest way to check your urls.

The best bulk url checker available helps you check server responses, identify configuration issues, redirects and more.

Custom headers

Set custom headers like Authorization, Cache-Control or Content-Type for your requests to test different server responses. Premium users can also change the User-Agent.

Follow redirects

Are your redirect rules working as expected? Easily check up to 5 redirects and analyse the server response headers, status code and more. Too many results? Convenient filter them by status code.

Add schemes

Save yourself a lot of time by automatically adding schemes to your imported urls. No need to waste your valuable time by doing it manually every time.

Basic SSL validation

A stable and secure connection is crucial for your website, services and APIs. Enable basic SSL validation to see if everything works as expected, from server configuration to valid certificate.

Easy import

Drag and drop CSV files to add your data. Select the column containing the urls, and you're good to go. Or add urls manually if you prefer.

Export to CSV

Fast and easy export of your results. Customize by selecting the columns you care about and the export is ready to use in just a matter of seconds.

Experience the best url checker available.

Free basic account. Affordable premium plan.


Perfect to get started


No creditcard required
  • 250 requests per batch
  • One check at a time
  • Result statuscode
  • Import from .csv


Everything we have to offer

Pay per
  • Unlimited requests per batch
  • 10 simultaneous checks
  • Throttle simultaneous requests
  • Show response time
  • Prepend url scheme
  • Add custom headers
  • Select User-Agent string
  • Follow up to 5 redirects
  • Export to .csv
  • Basic SSL validation

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